5 Tips To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Since the rollout of Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm there has been a worldwide buzz about this topic. Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just good practice anymore — it has become mandatory since the update. Since Google announced this update it was called by many names but the most popular is mobilegeddon. Google also announced that it would also starting to consider mobile friendly as a ranking factor for websites, which means if your website is still not mobile friendly you may experiencing loss of traffic and ranking in search results. So how can you make a website mobile friendly? Following are some tips to make your website mobile friendly:-

1. Mobile friendly test for websites: – You can check if your website is mobile friendly or by simply using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This will examine your website and show the details you need to know about whether or not your website is mobile friendly and what can you do to improve it.

2. Software (CMS) Specific Recommendations Check: – Google has issued checklist for popular CMS (content management system) on which websites are created. Following are those CMS –

• WordPress

• Joomla!

• Drupal

• Blogger

• vBulletin

• Tumblr

• DataLife Engine

• Magento

• Prestshop

• Bitrix

• Google Sites

You can check here if your CMS is in the list or not.

3. Website Speed check: – Speed of website or loading time is one of the important factors when it comes to mobile optimization. Google’s Page Speed Insights will help you find out what on your website is not responding or responding slowly for desktop and mobile and fix it. For example reducing the number of HTTP requests, optimizing your images and using standard font on both mobile and desktop version will make your website faster.

4. Check Google Search Console Account for Messages Regarding Mobile Usability: – Recently Google re-branded its “Webmaster Tools” to “Google Search Console” to attract more users. So don’t get confused by the new name. Just login to your account then go to Search Traffic tab and then to Mobile Usability tab to find out if there is any kind of error or message about your website related to mobile friendly issue and fix.

5. Avoid silly mistakes: – Generally for desktop version of website people avoid checking if JavaScript is block or they use pop up to engage visitors etc. You should avoid following mistakes –

• Don’t block JavaScript, CSS and image files

• Avoid using pop ups

• Avoid using Flash

• Setup proper redirects, your website should not be redirected to the desktop site when open from mobile device. Make sure that the webpages should open on both desktop and mobile device so that desktop webpages don’t show an error to mobile users while redirecting.
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