5 Tips To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Since the rollout of Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm there has been a worldwide buzz about this topic. Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just good practice anymore — it has become mandatory since the update. Since Google announced this update it was called by many names but the most popular is mobilegeddon. Google also announced that it would also starting to consider mobile friendly as a ranking factor for websites, which means if your website is still not mobile friendly you may experiencing loss of traffic and ranking in search results. So how can you make a website mobile friendly? Following are some tips to make your website mobile friendly:- Continue reading “5 Tips To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly”

Google’s Search Algorithm Changes Are Going To Be Mobile Friendly

In SEO changes are frequent and inevitable, and since 2011 to 2014 these changes were very frequent and significant. Whenever Google updates it’s algorithm with elemental changes, the strategies need to be change in order to deal with it. This is a fair game with Google’s giving warning every time. There used to be a time when SEOs followed simple standard ways of getting higher keyword rank and getting traffic. These days, you could follow that standard procedure and get nowhere. Or you might get somewhere, but when more than 200 factors in play, they can’t be isolated to an individual page score. Continue reading “Google’s Search Algorithm Changes Are Going To Be Mobile Friendly”