SEO Tips – Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Choose Keywords Wisely – Keyword research isn’t dead, in fact it is going to be more important now. Search engines and users are looking for more topically optimized information rather than keyword optimized content. So don’t just sprinkle the keywords into your website, focus on topically organize it in order to create meaningful authoritative content. Continue reading “SEO Tips – Choose Your Keywords Wisely”

SEO Tips – Keep Your Blog On Your Website

Having an on-site blog is not only strengthens the brand, but it is also important for SEO. It positively affects the decision making process of the visitor by providing more insight of your business and knowledge about the industry. “Tips”, “How to” tutorials etc. are the most influential way to interact with the visitor.

Importance Of Content In Video Optimization

“If you have videos on your website, make sure that it is surrounded by keywords rich relevant content. The content around the video will define the importance of it for the search engine.”

It is important to optimize the video of your website by putting a relevant description with it, it could be a brief description or a transcript etc. “The more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video!”  Continue reading “Importance Of Content In Video Optimization”

5 Tips To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Since the rollout of Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm there has been a worldwide buzz about this topic. Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just good practice anymore — it has become mandatory since the update. Since Google announced this update it was called by many names but the most popular is mobilegeddon. Google also announced that it would also starting to consider mobile friendly as a ranking factor for websites, which means if your website is still not mobile friendly you may experiencing loss of traffic and ranking in search results. So how can you make a website mobile friendly? Following are some tips to make your website mobile friendly:- Continue reading “5 Tips To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly”

SEO Tips – Exact Match Keywords

Exact Match Keywords
Keywords do not need to be used exactly word by word throughout the content or in a headline. Search engines understand the intent of searcher and they can match user’s query to the relevant piece of content on a website even if the word order or  words used are different. Continue reading “SEO Tips – Exact Match Keywords”